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Our Philosophy

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Mission Statement

St. Colman’s National School is a Catholic school that promotes Christian values and is committed to the holistic development of both pupils and staff. We endeavour to provide a happy, caring and safe environment where respect for both people and the environment is central, thus enabling the children to strive towards their full potential with confidence.

Our Philosophy

St. Colman’s N.S. endeavours to recognise, develop and appreciate the dignity and uniqueness of each child in an atmosphere that is conductive to learning. The self-actualisation of its pupils will be facilitated through the promotion of a positive self-image and the development of a love of learning.

It is envisaged that this process would take place in an environment which is safe, happy and secure for both pupils and staff. Day to day interactions with the school community will reflect Christian values and instil respect for all creation.

In St. Colman’s school we recognise the importance of co-operation among pupils, staff, parents and Board of Management. We appreciate the value of the inter-relationship between the school and the wider community.

Our Aims

· Provide an atmosphere that will encourage learning.
· Promote co-operation among pupils, parents, staff, Board of Management and the wider community.
· Create an environment where the dignity and the uniqueness of each child is appreciated.
· Foster a love of learning.
· Encourage a positive self-image
· Heighten environmental awareness
· Enable learning and teaching to take place in a happy, safe and secure atmosphere
· Respect the uniqueness of each person, being open and accepting of all, regardless of race, creed or ability
· Promote Christian values
· Respect the right of each member of the school community
· Promote the physical and emotional well being of each child
· Foster an appreciation of history, culture and instil a sense of pride of place.

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