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Literacy Improvement Plan 2013-2016

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St Colman's NS. Cappagh.
Literacy School Improvement Plan 2013-2016

In the school year 2012/2013 we evaluated how our school was performing re- Literacy. We evaluated all aspects reading,writing and oral language both formally and informally. A survey of both parents and pupils was conducted and results of standardised Micra T tests were evaluated .

Parents reported that the children generally enjoyed reading but the survey of pupils indicated that this enjoyment diminished in the senior classes especially among the boys.
The vast majority of parents indicated that they checked written homework and that reading was listened to especially in the junior classes.
We are pleased to report that the vast majority of our pupils are performing above the national average in Micra T standardised test and that there has been a decrease in the number of pupils performing below the 16th percentile.
We have some concerns with regard to oral language and higher order writing skills among some of our pupils.
We have prioritised the following;

  • To improve vocabulary development and oral language skills by an increase in our focus on discrete oral language
  • To improve higher order thinking skills in both written and oral comprehension .
  • To foster and improve creative writing .
  • To continue to foster reading for pleasure throughout the school .

This plan will be reviewed annually and amended if required

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